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Oct 24, 2016

Misery at the Hardtwaldstadion. And Jungle discussion, in case you weren't feeling morose enough. The Calais camp begins being cleared and dismantled as this is is being published.

This is the #1 Calgary-based English-language FC St. Pauli podcast... for now!


 #nosexism #noracism #nofascism #Nohomophobia #lovewins #nooneisillegal #refugeeswelcome #freenaki #fcsp #fcstpauli #kiezhelden #boysinbrown #antiestablishedsince1910 #filwagpod

Oct 18, 2016

We talk about Matchday 9 action with St. Pauli at home v Erzgebirge Aue at home, and discuss the aftermath. Samantha carries the show while Shawn talks out of his arse...

This is the #1 Calgary-based English-language FC St. Pauli podcast... for now!


 #nosexism #noracism #nofascism #lovewins #nooneisillegal #refugeeswelcome #freenaki #fcsp #fcstpauli #kiezhelden #boysinbrown #antiestablishedsince1910 #filwagpod

Oct 11, 2016

Moving! Canadian Thanksgiving! Losing! All this and more in our latest episode.

We havent had a chance to hang some soundproofing, and the levels were a little low... might have to turn it up a touch. 

Oct 3, 2016

We'd have loved to do an episode on the Hannover 96 v. St. Pauli match, but we were busy moving Samantha 227km from Stettler, AB back to Calgary, AB. That's right, we're finally living together! 

We'll recap the match in our next episode and get to it, but for now we're surrounded by cardboard moving cartons. While the acoustic qualities of cardboard are remarkable, we've decided to wait to be a little more settled before getting in front of the mic again next week.

This episode is a little rambling and disorganized (like our performance against H97 this week) conversation, recorded right after our Matchday 6 episode. We were pretty tired and a little silly at that point in the evening. Apologies if you don't like this one. We'll be back on format next episode.

A little more EPL was mentioned than we probably would have liked, but these are our football roots... We got to the right place eventually. ☠️


Sep 27, 2016

I'm podding alone and I don't care for it! We talk I talk about our disastrous defence in the outing to Stadion Der Alte Förestrei. 

This episode is mercifully short!

This episode is in rich MONO sound, so it probably won't burn a hole through your cellular data plan. Probably...


Sep 27, 2016

A bit of a silly beginning to our discussion of Munchen 1860 v. St. Pauli. The move is in full swing, and with the fixture of Union v. FCSP being the day this episode posts... well, it's a bit a a hot country mess. 


This is is the first episode being posted in mono, so this episode probably (probably, mind) burning a hole through your cellular data plan.

Sep 20, 2016

Matchday 5 v. Karlsruhe. Our second time recording the episode... Disappointed but we rerecorded. 

Comments, questions or feedback? We can be reached at:

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Sep 12, 2016

Warning: We still haven't sorted out the file compression situation, so please download via a wifi connection. We hope we'll have that sorted by Matchday 5. 

We also discuss the situation in Calais, France. Join the discussion! or on Twitter @withagirlpod 

Sep 9, 2016

There... We've started!

An English language St. Pauli FC podcast based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, roughly 7300km from the Millerntor.

Please download this monster on wifi. We have yet to figure out how to compress our files. We're sorry. We'll get that sorted. And how to edit. And have yet to get a real microphone. You get the idea... It's rough and we're learning but enthusiastic.

News? Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Reach us at @withagirlpod on Twitter or

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